Friday, September 13, 2013

Six of the Best 385

Caron's Musings finds the Liberal Democrats in a pickle over porn: "The truly bizarre thing is that the amendment that was selected is, incredibly, even worse than the main motion. It imposes a bulky bureaucracy that will have very little effect and, does not prioritise education. Why are we thinking that we can just leave it to machines and technology to sort out our warped and unhealthy attitude to sex?"

A new report from the Adam Smith Institute explains why the government's Help to Buy scheme will stoke a housing bubble by boosting demand without doing anything for supply and risk taxpayer money in the process.

Zelo Street reports that Nadine Dorries has been offered a six figure sum to write a trilogy of autobiographical novels.

"He is much concerned that the secret world has become 'the spiritual home' of the British political establishment, an upper clergy that is 'pernicious' and 'widely spread'. Philippe Sands interviews John Le Carré for the FT Magazine.

Archaeologists from the University of Maryland and Morgan State University have uncovered evidence that the first free black community in the US was established as early as 1790 by former slaves who had bought their freedom. Read more on Can You Dig It?

Londonist remembers the day Peter Pan was tarred and feathered.

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