Monday, September 16, 2013

Six of the Best 386

The Real Blog (AKA David Boyle) expresses its disbelief at being Liberal Democrat Blog of the Year and expresses his gratitude to, amongst others, "all my fellow bloggers who are dedicated to the grand cause that conversation about ideas, with ideas, for ideas, shall not perish from the Lib Dems".

"The difference in understanding was the most direct: those in favour of the filters seemed to have very little comprehension of how the internet worked – or even how young people think and behave." Paul Bernal's Blog on the Lib Dem Conference's rejection of 'default-on' porn filters.

Writing on Free Future, the blog of the American Civil Liberties Union, Chris Soghoian explains how the National Security Agency has worked to insert intentional flaws into security software by manipulating the technical standards setting process and by collaborating with 'patriotic' American technology software companies.

Welcome to the Madhouse finds that children of different ages playing together is now seen as a problem.

The food industry is exploiting children, according to an expert panel discussion reported by the Harvard Gazette.

Living on Words Alone visits Combe Conduit, which for centuries provided the water supply for Hampton Court.

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