Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stuart Holmes and party conferences

Alan Winter recalls on his blog today:
I was at a Liberal Conference in Dundee in David Steel's time as leader, when I was first impressed by a "Stop Smoking Now" campaigner. Whoever he was, he stood outside in all weathers, including torrential rain, with very large banners and did his utmost to be in the background shots of all tv interviews that were broadcast outside.
That campaigner must have been Stuart Holmes, the protester attacked by Iain Dale for disrupting an interview with Damian McBride this morning.

The film above shows a much younger Holmes profiled in 1986, the year after the Liberal Assembly in Dundee (the one I helped to organise from two narrow boats moored at Foxton locks).

I recall Ralph Bancroft asking him on to the stage at the Glee Club one year to sing one of his anti-smoking songs.

Holmes can be a bit of a pain, so let us leave the last word to The Media Blog on Twitter...

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Richard Gadsden said...

That was Glasgow 1995 when he was brought on stage. I remember because it was the only conference I went to during my short period of smoking, and I was intentionally blowing clouds of smoke during the song.

What an arse I was back then!