Monday, September 09, 2013

Derby Liberal Democrats call for non-eviction policy

From the East Midlands Liberal Democrats website:
The Liberal Democrat group on Derby City Council have put forward a motion to the full council meeting on Wednesday 18th September that will stop tenants effected by the under occupancy penalty from being evicted. 
This will follow a debate at the Liberal Democrat conference. It is highly likely that the party will make it party policy that once a tenant has registered to downsize, then they will be exempt from the under occupancy penalty. 
Littleover Councillor Eric Ashburner said "Liberal Democrat run Stockport council have put this policy in place to ensure that residents affected by the penalty do not get evicted. I hope all members will back this motion" Under new rules tenants get a reduction in housing benefit for spare rooms that they have in the house. However, it is thought that some may fall into arrears and could face the possibility of eviction. 
Derwent ward Lib Dem campaigner Richard Hudson said "The notice given to tenants was extremely short and I am concerned that some tenants could fall into arrears. I don't want anyone to be evicted because they weren't given enough time to prepare for this change." 
The Labour party both locally and nationally have not formally announced their policy about the under occupancy penalty. Derby's Lib Dems would urge residents to contact their local councillors and urge them to back the Lib Dem motion.


Anonymous said...

In Scotland the SNP already have a no evictions policy.

A clue as to how Labour councils will behave can also be found in Scotland. Labour run North Lanarkshire council have already taken action to evict a disabled mum of two from Uddingston...

What is clear is that only a YES vote in next year's independence referendum can be sure to rid Scotland of this hateful bedroom tax that is being imposed by Westminster against the will of the Scottish people.

Alice said...

"I weep for you", the Walrus said, "I deeply sympathise. .."