Friday, September 20, 2013

Six of the Best 387

Thinking Liberal reports from the Liberal Democrat Conference and concludes: "Lib Dems tend to be very self congratulatory about this supposedly democratic way of adopting party policy by a biannual meeting of self appointed activists. Scepticism is in order, but I think the process is of real value in keeping members and activists involved. But this does not inevitably follow from the constitutional processes. It matters a lot how the party’s various leadership bodies choose to use them."

"Go Home" posters are still on display in UKBA's Glasgow office, reports Caron's Musings.

The Cricket Geek describes his experience of depression.

It's not much of a life being a middling chess grandmaster, says Britain's Danny Gormally on the website of Natalia Pogonina.

"It is Crompton’s style that makes them truly outstanding. She is the most accomplished writer of children’s fiction in the 20th century, not least because she had an intuitive grasp of their psychology." Writing in the THES, De Montfort University's Gary Day argues that it is time the literary critics took the Just William books seriously.

Kilburn History reveals that, with West Hampstead, this part of London has played a significant part in the recording industry, with both Decca and Island Records based there.

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