Friday, September 27, 2013

Six of the Best 388

The implementation of the bedroom tax represents stupidity in action, as Liberal Burblings demonstrates.

Co-producing Digital Mental Health looks at the lessons of the successful campaign against Asda's 'mental patient' costume.

The Criminal Bar Association investigates Chris Grayling and the curious case of the anonymous barrister.

"Philosophy is an inherently social activity that thrives on the collision of viewpoints and rarely emerges from unchallenged interior monologue" says Nigel Warburton on Aeon.

The relentless drilling and hammering as London's super-rich expand their homes spells the end for the Notting Hill that Ed Vulliamy loved - or so he argues in the Guardian.

"The British film industry was only a generation away from having the Coen brothers. Their father grew up in London and their grandmother lived in Hove." Bryan Appleyard interviews the celebrated directors for the Sunday Times.

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