Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bill Newton Dunn and Roger Helmer

From an article by John Hess on the BBC News website:
A studio debate for BBC's Sunday Politics between the MEPs of the East Midlands had been lively enough. 
Then it happened - the Liberal Democrat Bill Newton-Dunn lobbed in his accusation against UKIP's Roger Helmer. 
He accused the veteran former Conservative, now UKIP MEP, of "not bothering to turn up to vote" at the European Parliament. 
Mr Helmer was outraged and demanded an immediate on-air apology from Mr Newton-Dunn.
I fear Bill may have overstepped  the mark here. I have photographic evidence that Roger Helmer does turn up to the European Parliament...

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice


Anonymous said...

What have either of them actually done for the area since they got elected?

No I can't think of anything either.

Frank Little said...

I foresee that photograph making regular appearances, rather like that of an elderly former Murdoch editor, enjoying the company of a young Californian, in Private Eye.