Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Six of the Best 427

"Although it's fine to see the Lib Dems making an effort on this issue it is disappointing to see the dangerously false notion that there is a mythical "balance between security and liberty" trotted out unthinkingly yet again." B2fxxx looks at our spring conference's call for a bill of digital rights.

Keynesian Liberal, a representative of what he calculates to be Generation W, has some advice for the young: " If Generation Y would like in their old age to enjoy the comfort and security that we do they should stop voting for parties which bribe them with promises of lower and lower taxes, and realise that you get what you pay for."

John Gray in the New Statesman argues that modern atheists should read Nietzsche.

Internet Curtains takes us to the post-war Nottingham suburbs of Beechdale, Bilborough and Strelley.

While thamesfacingeast visits a remarkable church beside the South Circular Road - and the Frankie Howerd Community Hall.

Wartime Housewife has found a poem about the Rugby to Peterborough railway line.

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