Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Six of the Best 425

Adam Taylor on Business Insider explains why Ukraine isn't 'The Ukraine' - and why it matters.

Charles West has a set of proposals for the NHS that would "render redundant a large number of national quangos and return at least some measure of local democratic control over the delivery of health services".

"Were I a banker seeking to distract the public from my troughing for bonuses, I could hope for no better foil than a university vice-chancellor. Indeed, the two groups share behavioural tics." In the Guardian, Aditya Chakrabortty says university bosses are lining their pockets like never before.

A Very Public Sociologist on the debate over the causes and the morality of the First World War.

On the Guardian website, Oliver Wainwright suggests that the Commonwealth Games are proving a mixed blessing for some poorer areas of Glasgow.

Leonard Barden looks at the debate over the stranding of the new world chess champion: "Carlsen's often opaque playing style, with its emphasis on endgames and physical toughness so as to exploit mistakes after a long and tiring session, is one reason he has detractors." Yes, that was in the Guardian too.

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