Monday, March 17, 2014

Richard III has his day in court

Mike Pitts - Digging Deeper, a blog about archaeology, has a terrific post on the hearing of the Plantagenet Alliance's case against the decision to rebury Richard III's remains in Leicester Cathedral.

It is an extended legal sketch, with vivid portraits of all the main players.

His conclusion?
There is no doubt where the wind blows. Beaming in the bright light, Richard Buckley sets off to buy cheese at Covent Garden before heading home to Leicester. Counsel for defence stride confidently out into the streets, laughing and chatting. Philippa Langley talks to journalists, looking anxious. After the first day, I told Buckley I would eat my hat if the Alliance won. He famously had to eat his when they found Richard III, which he did in the shape of a cake. No one, I feel, will need to bake for me.
He also argues, as I have done, that the implications for archaeology will be appalling if the Alliance wins.

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