Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spencer Davis Group: Till the End of Time

Another Spencer Davis Group track?

It's a while since we had one. Besides, it is my birthday on Tuesday.

But haven't we had a live version of Till the End of Time before?

We have, but this is a different one that has just appeared on Youtube. It comes from December 1966, so it must be on the group's last performances before the Winwood brothers left.

Steve Winwood was about to form Traffic and get it together in the country. He has already bought the shirt for it.

What was remarkable about Winwood in this era is that he went from recreating black American recordings as he is here to psychedelia without breaking step. Just listen to the first track on Traffic's first LP, Heaven is in Your Mind.

If you like French television recordings of the Spencer Davis Group, don't miss the go-go dancers on Keep on Running.

I can hardly contain my excitement.

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