Saturday, March 01, 2014

Paul Tyler on the February 1974 general election

Last night's Today in Parliament ended with an item looking back to the general election of February 1974. Paul Tyler talked about his own experiences at Bodmin (where he won by 9 votes after six recounts) and Liberal MPs' attitude towards the hung parliament that resulted.

Interestingly, he said that Conservative MPs were far more interested in some sort of deal to keep Edward Heath in power than the Liberals were. Those who believe Jeremy Thorpe was desperate for high office have misunderstood him.

You have another six days to listen to this programme. The item on February 1974 starts at around 23:50.


Paul Tyler said...

For those who might like to linger down memory lane I give further details of the March 1974 discussions in my slim volume "Who Decides?", pre-publication copies at the Liberal Democrat Image stall at the York Conference next week.

Anonymous said...

Was it true that heath was warned off making Thorpe home sec for security reasons. I never bought that but it's in some ofthe accounts.....