Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Liberal England's 10th birthday

Today is Liberal England's 10th birthday. It will spend the day climbing trees, shooting up, swotting for SATS or whatever it is 10-year-olds do these days.

My first post - Britain's oldest Liberal Democrat? - appeared on 11 March 2004. Sadly, Anita Taylor died later that year, though she does seem to have recorded a DVD of her memories of Newtown a few years before.

The post also mentioned Lembit Opik and Lord Bonkers, who have kept my readers entertained with their antics ever since.

Liberal England went into hibernation over the summer of 2004 as I battled with malware on my PC. Sorting that out was my first technological breakthrough. The others were getting broadband in 2007, which allowed me to start embedding videos, and buying a digital camera in 2009.

I don't want to write about myself, so I suggest you read In praise of Jonathan Calder by Mark Valladares while I blush prettily and stare at my shoes.


I shall use this birthday as an excuse for looking back over some old posts - particularly the ones from the early years before I had many readers - and republishing a few that will bear re-reading.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Liberal England! You and other stalwart bloggers have enriched my experience of being in the Liberal Democrats, and helped keep me in the party at moments... How curious that your first post featured both a somewhat absurd fanciful character, and also Lord Bonkers.

Gawain said...

Many happy returns. Much enjoyed through the years. To the next ten!

philww said...

Liberal England constantly reaffirms my faith in everything that is English and Liberal. Many happy returns.

wolfi said...

Congratulations, Jonathan!
I've been following your posts for about five years now and it gives me great pleasure that at least in Britain Liberalism is alive and well!

Which btw is a much better situation than in Germany and Hungary (where I live part time).

Please continue the good work - and don't forget to post about our common favourite Steve Winwood(who is mainly doing concerts in the USA it seems).

Your fan wolfi

Onlinefocus Team said...

Yes, congratulations!