Friday, March 28, 2014

Six of the Best 429

BBC Question Time's ignoring of the Liberal Democrats is now beyond a joke, argues Richard Morris on his blog A View from Ham Common.

Edward Bindloss says: "In Brazil prisoners get four days reduced from their prison sentences for every book they read. The rule banning books being sent to prisoners in England and Wales should be lifted forthwith." And he's right.

American Conservative evangelicals didn't always care much about abortion or contraception. Jamelle Boule tells the strange story of how they came to be obsessed with them on Slate.

On Relative Dimension, a blog devoted to the science of Doctor Who, Iain Coleman ponders the physics and philosophy of time travel.

Writing for The Ecologist, the Green MLA Jenny Jones calls for urban rivers to be restored to a more natural state.

Plains of Almería on the chemistry of Chelsea's midfield pairing: "Matić’s contribution should not only be judged on his own immaculate performance level, but the tangible effect he has on Luiz. In our games against City and Arsenal the mercurial Brazilian was outstanding and this was largely down to Matić. Those familiar with Luiz’s level of play for Brazil will note the same effect Thiago Silva has on him. When paired with Matić the rashness disappears as does the tendency to try and force the play. We have not only bought one of the best midfielders in Europe for a pittance (Fellaini cost £7m more!) but also found a player who helps get the best out of David Luiz."

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