Monday, March 24, 2014

Ming Campbell and Tommie Smith

Here is a young Ming Campbell winning the 220 yards final at the AAA Championships at the White City in 1964.

I have heard it suggested that Ming was not the most talented British sprinter of his generation: he just trained harder and tried harder than anyone else. You get a sense of that effort in this photograph.

It is the same effort that turned the product a humble home in Glasgow to into a member of the Edinburgh legal establishment who later became an MP and the leader of his party.

There is another picture of Ming on the gettyimages site.

It shows him winning the silver in the 200 metres at the World Student Games in Tokyo three years later. And the gold medal winner is Tommie Smith, who staged his famous black power demonstration after winning the Olympic gold in Mexico City the following year.

You can read more about Tommie Smith in a guest post on this blog by Matt Roebuck.

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Frank Little said...

I believe Ming is one of those rare birds who is qualified for the bar both in Scotland and in England & Wales.