Thursday, October 30, 2014

Homophobic monk photographed in Cambridge

The latest on our new folk devil comes from Cambridge News:
Vile leaflets that say HIV represents God's judgment on homosexuality and transgender people "need counselling and exorcism" have sparked anger in Cambridge. 
A "sinister monk" has been spotted around the Mill Road area in Cambridge this week delivering the pamphlets to homes, which also state paedophilia "claims its historic place in homosexualism". 
The man, who posed for photographs when confronted by residents, is believed to be the same person who targeted homes in the city in May.
One of those residents sent a photograph to Sarah Brown, who tweeted it.


Anonymous said...

He looks a bit gay to me.

Anonymous said...

He is not sinister he is obviously right handed

Anonymous said...

Why sinister indeed? He looks like a perfectly average monk to me. Maybe people just aren't used to seeing monks around on the street any more.