Thursday, October 09, 2014

The Elephant Will Never Forget

A ridiculously moving record of the last day of London's trams, written and shot by John Krish.

Isabella Pepper retells the legend of its making:
Krish was asked by British Transport Films to attend the closing ceremony to shoot a short piece of film showing the final tram pulling into the depot and capture the moment the Chairman of London Transport shaking hands with the driver. 
However, Krish felt that there was an opportunity for something a little more celebratory given the event, so ‘borrowed’ multiple reels of stock film depicting trams in operation, and shot 8 more reels of film 5 days prior to the last tram ceremony showing the contribution that the trams made to London life. 
Seeing the result, Edgar Anstey [Chairman of British Transport Films] actually sacked John Krish!

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