Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The man beneath The Square at Market Harborough

Startling news in the Harborough Mail:
For Christmas shoppers in Market Harborough this year, here’s a surprising fact. 
As you walk across The Square in town in December, six metres below your feet will be a drilling machine – and the man operating it. 
He will be digging a tunnel for a pipe 1.2m in diameter as the first part of Anglian Water’s £1.5m flood alleviation scheme for the Coventry Road area of town. 
Anglian Water contract manager Rod Young said: “You won’t be able to see anything, and you probably won’t hear or feel anything either. 
“But there’ll be a drill bit tunnelling underneath The Square, with the driver sat towards the front of it.”

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Phil Beesley said...

A 1.2 metre diameter pipe? Say, 1.4 metre nominal diameter tunnel to accommodate the pipe and a tunneller.

Does that fit in with the sensationalised 'elf'n'safety of tabloids? Probably not.

The engineers for this project conducted a risk assessment and allowed a few tunnellers to get on with their jobs. Sometimes you have to conduct dangerous things and you have to minimise real risk.

That's real Health and Safety, looking after people doing dangerous jobs.

Tabloid 'elf'n'safety insults almost everyone.