Monday, October 27, 2014

The later adventures of Jackie Ballard

Third Sector has an interview with the former Liberal Democrat MP for Taunton:
In July, Ballard, 61, became chief executive of Alcohol Concern, the charity that aims to minimise the risks of alcohol by campaigning for legislative change and by educating the public about the dangers. 
On paper, it is something of a comedown for a woman who has led two of the country's biggest and best-known charities to take the helm at one that employs 14 people and had an income of about £1m in 2014. But Ballard does not see it that way. 
"My career in the voluntary sector has been about roles that interest me and offer challenge, and a cause that I can support," she says. 
Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice"I've not followed the money either in terms of my salary or the income of the organisations I've worked for. If you look at my voluntary sector career, I started at the RSPCA and I've been working my way down in size ever since."

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