Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Six of the Best 471

"Trading insults back and forth with your opponents might feel good to the One True Party activist, but it’s not likely to attract the voter who knows that there are no true parties, just a group of different parties that might do different things. When offered with ‘you must vote for us because we’re right about everything’ in several different forms, is it any wonder when they go for something entirely different?" Good stuff from Nick Barlow.

Caron Lindsay is spitting furious about Johann Lamont's resignation on Liberal Democrat Voice. 

Forget HS3, 'Transport for the North' was the real meat of Monday's announcement, says CityMetric.

Putin’s Moscow is anxious, gilded and hollow, argues Lucian Kim for Reuters.

"With the concept of “extreme” pornography poorly defined, and without reliable guidance from CPS to prosecutors, individuals find it difficult to determine what is and isn’t legal. Perhaps, this is why a law which experts predicted would get less than 30 cases a year has had over 5,000 convictions since its inception." On the News Statesman site, Margaret Corvid explains why the Extreme Pornography Act should be repealed.

Flashbak on the day Julie Christie and Dirk Bogarde visited Lord's.

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