Friday, October 03, 2014

The Liberal Democrat Voice Awards

I see from Liberal Democrat Voice that I have been shortlisted for both Liberal Democrat Blog of the Year and Liberal Democrat Tweeter/Facebooker of the Year. Many thanks to the people who nominated me.

Unfortunately, I shall not be at the glittering ceremony to collect my awards smile gamely while someone else triumphs.

In part that is because conference does not seem so much fun now I no longer have the Liberal Democrat News team to work with there.

But this year it is mainly because my mother has hurt her back and I am busy helping her and arranging intermediate care in her home. Only yesterday I sprang her from an unsuitable institution in the Bonkers country.

So if this blog is a bit scrappy (how would you notice?) or has fewer posts than usual over the next few weeks, I hope you will understand.

Still, next year in Bournemouth.

One thing I shall do is revisit some old posts - some of which will come from a time before most readers were born. I started doing that when Liberal England celebrated its 10th birthday, but then rather forgot the idea.

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