Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Graham Chapman honoured in Melton Mowbray

Michael Palin was in Melton Mowbray today to unveil a plaque on the former home of his fellow Python Graham Chapman.

The Leicester Mercury explains:
Graham was born in Leicester in 1941 and lived in several places around the county including Wigston Fields, Braunstone, Syston and Melton, where his father was a policeman and Graham attended Melton Grammar School. It was Michael’s first visit to the house in Burton Road, Melton, where Graham’s family spent about three years.
The Mercury quotes the current owner of the house:
"I didn't know anything about it until three or four months ago when I got a phone call about having the plaque here. 
"It’s great to have everyone here. I thought the Monty Python films were tremendous and I also enjoy Michael Palin's recent programmes so it's nice to meet him. 
"I've got a pork pie for him in the fridge.”
They know how to treat visitors in Melton.

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