Saturday, December 13, 2014

Six of the Best 478

"Like so many others who had been stretched and inspired by his English teaching, I wrestled with my practical conscience. It was clearly a gross injustice that he was in custody. Those who spoke to the press - and I seemed to have known nearly all of them - had their words twisted to suit the agenda, almost whatever their intention." David Boyle watches The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies

Feeding Britain, this week's report on food poverty, is too keen to blame the victims, argues Rob Parsons.

"Reporters Without Borders recommend the use of Tor as part of its 'survival kit' for bloggers, journalists and activists in countries where they may be at risk from state censorship or even arrest. The International Broadcasting Bureau (who broadcast Voice of America and Radio Free Asia) is a major Tor sponsor and recommends its use by persons in repressive regimes to allow them access to global media." Andrew Murray shows that the dark web is not just for paedophiles, drug dealers and terrorists

Zoe O'Connell offers a brief history of trans politicians.

The are serious problems with the tags used to enforce curfews on offenders. Light Blue Touchpaper explains.

Simon Blackburn explains why there should be a philosophy GCSE.

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