Monday, December 22, 2014

Ukip should teach donkeys to play rugby

More evidence today for the thesis that Ukip members lack a sense of humour.

There is Nigel Farage's reaction to a phone game produced by some school pupils in Kent:
Farage claimed the game, developed by a group of sixth-formers from Canterbury Academy, was “risible and pathetic” and that it had "crossed the line".
Why has he even concerned himself with this? If he feels he has to, why has he not turned it into a joke?

It all reinforces the impression that, far from having a good sense of humour, Farage has an exceedingly thin skin.

And then there is the tweet above from a Ukip branch secretary in reaction to the news that a Ukip parliamentary candidate has claimed that a gay donkey tried to rape his horse.

The reason this story is news is that it is extremely funny.

But when it comes to a sense of humour, Ukip members tend to remind you of Margot Leadbetter at the Goods' Christmas party:
"It isn't that I don't want to join in. I just don't know how to."
Back to the gay donkey.

In last year's council election's a Ukip candidate argued that regular exercise in school prevented homosexuality.

The answer is clear: teach donkeys to play rugby.

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Phil Beesley said...

Sorry, Jonathan, but i still don't know how I might argue with a Kipper.

Your doorstep moments might have worked for you, but how do you deliver a rational argument to somebody who thinks that UK is being over run by plumbers from Eastern Europe? How about smart people, educated people?

These educated people have manners. Perhaps some do not understand that, when fishing, we put the carp and tench back in the river, not for dinner.