Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Six of the Best 479

Tim Farron says the CIA report on torture shows why we have to fight harder than ever for a liberal Britain.

"Bulging profits for the development industry sit uneasily amid a deepening national housing crisis where what is needed above all else are decent, genuinely affordable homes." Nick Mathiason reports on the great British housing crisis.

Neil Davenport defends Hackney hipsters - cereal cafes and all: "Attacking hipsters for simply selling nice goods in the East End is not going to tackle inequality and poverty. But the demand that anyone with a novel idea for a small business should shut up and ship out certainly reeks of a poverty of ambition."

The Box of Delights Archives has photographs of the locations - 30 years ago and today - used in this classic children's television series.

Meanwhile, Margaret at Books Please has been reading Seven White Gates by Malcolm Saville: "'Remember, Petronella, our friend, never to be seen near the Stiperstones on the longest night of the year, for then all the ghosts in Shropshire and all the counties beyond meet on the summit – right on and around the Chair they meet – to choose their king.'"

English Buildings reviews The English Railway Station by Steven Parissien.

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