Thursday, December 04, 2014

Now David Parsons turns up in South Holland and The Deepings

From the Leicester Mercury:
Former Leicestershire County Council leader David Parsons has been selected to fight a south Lincolnshire parliamentary seat for UKIP in May’s general election. 
Mr Parsons has been chosen as the party’s candidate in South Holland and The Deepings two months after quitting his campaign to become a UKIP MP in North West Leicestershire. 
The former Tory politician defected to UKIP after quitting as Conservative leader at County Hall in 2012. 
He was chosen for the Lincolnshire seat by UKIP branch members on Saturday. ... 
Mr Parsons told the Mercury: “I am an A-list parliamentary candidate and I have been asked to apply for seats."
Leaving aside the unworthy question about what Ukip's B list can be like, I recommend voters in his new constituency to have a good read of the posts tagged David Parsons on this blog.

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