Friday, December 12, 2014

Homophobic monk arrested in Cambridge

Pink News reports that:
53-year-old Damon Jonah Kelly from Corby, Northamptonshire was arrested on 8 December on suspicion of a Section 5 public order offence. 
He was bailed until 20 January, at which point he will return to Huntington Police Station in Cambridge. 
Pink News has discovered that Kelly, who is actually a monk, is the director of the Scotland based charity the Black Hermits.
If, as Backwatersman once suggested, homophobic monks are, like Spring-heeled Jack, a manifestation of our collective subconscious fears, then there may be lots of them.

But is does look as though Damon Kelly could be the one who came to Market Harborough.

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Mark Pack said...

Crikey: another homophobic monk story - they are starting to be to your blog what Diana death stories are to the Express :)