Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Six of the Best 481

"Three people, inexperts, consulting only those paid to tell them what government wants to hear, can decide, effectively in secret, with little notice and no debate, can turn an activity currently legal into something for which the maximum term of imprisonment is life with 28 calendar days notice." Jock Coats reports the latest nonsense in the war on drugs.

Caron Lindsay tells us that a support fund has been set up for Alex Folkes.

The history of emotions is an interesting and emerging field of study. Thomas Dixon gives us a survey of the developments in it during 2014.

The winning business plan in The Apprentice was nonsense, as Ghost Marketing demonstrates: "So your company name is climbonline but you don’t have the domain, and you don’t rank on page one for your business name…. But okay, maybe you change the name….. But lose all the hype surrounding the apprentice…."

Wisden India meets Frank Tyson, the great English fast bowler of the 1950s. He says: "“I was almost a one-day wonder, in terms of how much Test cricket I played. But the one thing I knew was that I could get past the Australian batsmen, with sheer pace."

Also on the summer game, All Out Cricket offers a selection of the essential cricket songs.

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