Sunday, December 28, 2014

The excitement of yoghurts

"I’m so glad you caught the excitement of yoghurts in 1969."
So says someone from the floor in this question-and-answer session on Victoria Wood's That Day We Sang.

Well, in 1969 and even a year or two before that, I can remember choosing a yoghurt from the milk float for my breakfast before I went to school.

We were all over yoghurts, my family.


Phil Banting said...

Yoghurts were unknown in my family, except on the adverts. I had my first one as a student, aged 19 or 20. Someone else in the room (there were less than 10 of us present) had his first yoghurt at the same time, so my experience can't have been that uncommon.

David Blake said...

I remember having fruit-flavoured Ski yogurts in about 1970, but have long since abandoned them - do they still exist? Now it's real plain strained Greek yoghurt for me. NOT Greek style, actual Greek. The best one available here at the moment is Waitrose's own brand.