Friday, February 05, 2016

A witness statement by a victim of Greville Janner

Only a few months ago the press was finding conspiracies of powerful child abusers under every stone.

Now, judging by the headlines about Lord Bramall and John Inman, the same papers are incensed if the rich and famous are even investigated.

The truth, no doubt, is somewhere in between.

So to remind ourselves that such people can be guilty of such offences, let's look at one of the witness statements alleging abuse by Greville Janner.

It was reproduced in the Daily Mail and on The Needle in April 2015 and begins:
From my earliest childhood I never knew my parents and believe that I was in the care of the Leicestershire Local Authority from when I was about two weeks of age. I recall that I was fostered by a family called Wilkinson ... until I was about seven years of age when I went to live at The Cottage Homes at Countesthorpe, which was a Local Authority owned establishment.

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