Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Homophobic Monk can deliver his leaflets again

Clarendon Park: a shining city on a hill

The Homophobic Monk was back in the Leicester Mercury on Friday:
A 'monk' who delivered homophobic leaflets to homes in Leicestershire has had a ban that curbed his activities overturned. 
Damon Jonah Kelly (54), had earlier pleaded guilty to harassment after a married lesbian couple objected to him putting a leaflet through the letterbox of their Clarendon Park home in October, 2014. 
He became aggressive and abusive when the women challenged him about the leaflet's content, saying: "We used to burn people like you. I'm doing God's work." 
Although the wording of Kelly's leaflet was not illegal in itself, he committed the offence of harassment when he returned to the couple's home a few days later and posted an offensive letter, with distressing content, specifically addressed to "the witches".
The report in the Mercury is not entirely clear. As I understand it, the ban on his distributing leaflets has been lifted, but his conviction for harassment was upheld with a more lenient penalty.

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