Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bid to reopen the Northampton to Bedford line

From the Northampton Chronicle & Echo today:
Rail campaigners fighting for a link between Northampton and Bedford have launched an online petition. 
The English Regional Transport Association wants to ensure that the land and track that would be used for the link are protected and is calling for the route to be re-opened. 
The group says the route would link Northampton and Cambridge, which it says has been identified as a priority in local growth plans.
This sounds a good idea but, given the amount of redevelopment currently taking place in the relevant part of Northampton, I fear the campaign may have come too late.

Anyway, you can visit the English Regional Transport Association blog and sign their petition if you wish.

If this line ever is reopened, trains will run again across the Bridge Street level crossing in Northampton. It is shown in the photo above, though I believe the rails were removed from it last summer.

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