Sunday, February 21, 2016

Geordie: All Because of You

Last Friday BBC4 broadcast a documentary on The Easybeats to AC/DC: The Story of Aussie Rock. You can watch it for on BBC iPlayer for the next three weeks.

You can see The Easybeats on this blog, and the documentary was so thorough that you saw Angus Young when he was in long trousers.

AC/DC's first lead singer was Bon Scott, who was found dead in his car in East Dulwich in 1980. The Guardian once did its best to turn it into a mystery along the lines of Brian Jones' death, but the cause was clearly acute alcohol poisoning.

Scott's replacement in AC/DC was Brian Johnson. Before AC/DC he was with the British band Geordie.

This was there most successful single, reaching no. 6 in the British singles chart early in 1973. It has lasted better than a lot of the other hits of the period.

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