Friday, February 05, 2016

The Boxmoor Playhouse and letters about custard

I once wrote of Boxmoor County Primary School:
I was very happy at Boxmoor, though in one way adversity there helped make me a Liberal. The dinners were cooked elsewhere and brought to the school, and they were indescribably awful. (My mother let me come home for dinner after a while.) And if you didn't want custard with your pudding, you had to have a letter from home.
I now regard this as an early introduction to the absurdities of socialism.
That was the old Boxmoor County Primary in St John's Road, which was demolished long ago.

We had our dinners in the church hall next door. That building still stands, though it is now called The Boxmoor Playhouse. (There appears to be a new hall built recently next to the church.)

We also held fetes in the hall and I once gave a well-received Innkeeper in the school nativity play.

It's not quite the Saville Theatre, but I am glad to see that somewhere I trod the boards is still thriving.

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