Friday, February 26, 2016

Scout hut, Stoughton Road, Leicester

I first noticed this Scout hut when my mother was in Leicester General Hospital a couple of summers ago and the bus there whizzed me past it. The hut stands on Stoughton Road, close to Stoneygate Shops and The Real Ale Classroom.

The Ninth Leicester South Group website boasts that it has been at these premises since 1931. Yet the front looks as though it belongs to an electricity substation and the building behind does not match it. To strengthen this theory, there is a small modern substation next to it.

Whatever its origins, I took the chance to photograph it on Saturday.


Well-Behaved Orphan said...

And used as a polling station, of course

Anonymous said...

My father and his brother were members of 9th Leicester scouts and helped to build this hall. The design seems to reflect the time in which it was built!