Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kenneth Branagh and Rupert Everett in Another Country

In the autumn of 1982 I was unemployed and living in Market Harborough. To cheer myself up I went down to London to stay for a few days with an old friend from university.

One of the things we did was go to see a play called Another Country at the Queen's Theatre. Which means that I saw the West End debut of Kenneth Branagh.

It was a tribute to him that, though Rupert Everett was a more flamboyant actor playing a more flamboyant role, it was Branagh we talked about afterwards.

You can see the two of them in this Newsnight report.

Incidentally, though the film of Another Country was good, the play was much better. In it, all the sex and the beating took place off stage, which made them all the more powerful.

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Helena said...

I saw this play in 1982 as well, and found it compelling. I have to admit though that it was Rupert Everett who caught my attention, rather than Branagh!