Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sebastian Baczkiewicz's Pilgrim

Of all the tales told on these islands, few are as strange as that of William Palmer. Cursed, apparently, on the road to Canterbury in the spring of 1185 for denying the presence of the other world by the king of the grey folk – or Fairy – himself, and compelled to walk from that day to this between the worlds of magic and of men, and subsequently known in all the strange and wonderful lore attributed to the mysterious William Palmer, as Pilgrim.

My sleeping pattern has been all wrong this week. I have gone to bed early, fallen asleep and then woken again to be fully alert in the small hours.

The only upside of this is that I have heard a lot of Sebastian Baczkiewicz's fantasy series Pilgrim, which Radio 4 Extra has been broadcasting through the night.

You can find many episodes of it on the BBC iPlayer at present and it is well worth listening to.

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