Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Holy Trinity, Teigh: Village church or Georgian country house?

Holy Trinity in the village of Teigh has an interior that feels as much like a Georgian country house as a village church.

Leicestershire & Rutland Churches speaks of its "unique feature":
the fantastic triple pulpit built into the west wall, the ‘Strawberry Hill Gothic’ pulpit, prayer desk and Lectern are all built over and around the entrance to the nave. The rector and readers would have been in the different position and heights during the service. You would only see their heads and tops of their bodies a most unusual feature. We see why the pews are facing each other so they could see up to the rector at the pulpit and then turn to view the altar.
Enjoy it now, but there is much else - light and dark - to tell about this little Rutland village.


David said...

Very interesting: a fascinating mix of mediaeval, Victorian and Strawberry Hill church Gothic (no doubt you know Shobdon?) - the College-style pew layout is certainly unusual but practical in the circumstances.

Look forward to more about the village's past.

Philip Wilkinson said...

One of my favourite churches: thanks for the reminder.