Thursday, August 04, 2016

Six of the Best 615

Photo of Taylor Swift by
Jana Zills
Neil Barnett sets out to discover who funded Brexit - features an appearance by Mike Hancock.

Jeremy Corbyn does point to real economic problems facing Britain, but his solutions are based largely on wishful thinking argues John Van Reenen.

"Walk between the glassy offices and tucked-away churches of the City of London, along the thundering roads down by the Thames, and you can occasionally find staircases embedded in the sides of buildings. It’s not always clear that they’re public, but if you follow one upwards they sometimes take you to wide, deserted corridors leading along the flanks of buildings, crossing streets, and more often than not ending in truncated bridges or closed off dead ends." Douglas Murphy on the demise of streets in the sky.

Meg Neal takes us on a tour of the derelict remains of previous Olympic venues.

"The churchyard at Heptonstall actually houses two separate churches. One, a ruin that began decaying after a major gale in 1847 and a new church built to replace the one that was all but destroyed by the weather." Helen Cox visits Sylvia Plath's grave.

What's so bad about Taylor Swift and Pokemon Go? asks Mark Valladares.

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