Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Six of the Best 619

Flip Chart Rick asks if Britain is prepared for life after the Poles: "As the Resolution Foundation research shows, entire sectors are now dependent on labour from the EU and it is unlikely that UK-born workers will take these jobs over should they leave."

Simon Griffiths on what the left can learn from Friedrich Hayek.

How can Lib Dems help bees right now? Sean Oxspring will tell you.

"Buses are predominantly used by women, poorer people and the old. So providing good bus services should be an important element of policies to improve social inclusion and equality," says Jones the Planner.

The 'sugar rush' is a myth. Cari Romm explodes it.

Lee Bey discovers a lost city: "In its prime, about four centuries before Columbus stumbled on to the western hemisphere, Cahokia was a prosperous pre-American city with a population similar to London’s. Located in southern Illinois, eight miles from present-day St Louis, it was probably the largest North American city north of Mexico at that time."

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