Saturday, August 06, 2016

Ten-year-old defeats grandmaster

In my day small boys were not encouraged to play closed openings. These days anything goes, with the result that a 10-year-old can beat a grandmaster.

The grandmaster was Jan Krejci from the Czech Republic. The 10-year-old was R. Praggnanandhaa.

A profile on the latter for the Indian Express gives the initial but not a first name.It does tell us he is known as 'Praggu'.

A future world champion? We shall see.

Anyway, you can see the game in the video above. The man explaining it, the German grandmaster Jan Gustafsson, is one of the most amiable of online chess commentators.

You will often find him working for the Chess24 site, which carries free live coverage of all the top tournaments.

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