Saturday, August 27, 2016

Lib Dems accuse Conservative leader of Leicestershire County Council of misleading the public

The Leicester Mercury reports that the Liberal Democrat group on Leicestershire County Council have made lodged an official complaint over statements made by the Conservative council leader Nick Ruston and cabinet member Richard Blunt.

At the council's last meeting Lib Dem and Labour councillors proposed motions to give better protection to residents opposing unsuitable waste processing plants or fracking developments.

The Lib Dem complaint is that Cllrs Rushton and Blunt said that such safeguards could be introduced later in the process when they cannot.

Bill Boulter, doyen of the Lib Dem group on the county, told the Mercury:
"We had an opportunity to protect residents. 
"Now this opportunity has been lost. 
"If Rushton and Blunt opposed these extra protections then they should have just come out and said so. 
"To try and evade the issue with misleading statements is unacceptable. 
"They need to admit the error and apologise."
The two Tory councillors are on holiday, but the Mercury quotes a spokesman for their group as describing the complaint as "desperate and baseless".

Meanwhile the people of Leicestershire wait avidly for news of the police investigation into the hacking of Nick Rushton's Twitter account.

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