Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Richard Jefferies Halt opens at Coate Water

As foretold on this blog, on Sunday a new station opened on the miniature Coate Water Railway in Swindon. You can see the mafficking in the video above.

Richard Jefferies Halt has been built to serve the Richard Jefferies Museum, the birthplace of the writer, and is on a loop that has more than doubled the length of the line.

Mike Pringle, the director of the museum, told the Swindon Advertiser:
“This is really the coming together of two different things – we set up a charitable trust to take over the museum a couple of years ago and have slowly been clearing away the weeds and cleaning the place up. 
“Meanwhile, the miniature railway at Coate wanted to extend their track and it seemed like an obvious solution to put a station in here. 
“We’re a little cut off being on the edge of a dual carriageway and really the hope is this will connect us that bit more and introduce us to many more people.”

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