Monday, August 29, 2016

Six of the Best 622

Caron Linday is not impressed by Norman Lamb and Nick Clegg's endorsement of Open Britain.

"America likes to pride itself as a beacon of democracy, but our dirty little secret is just how undemocratic our electoral system actually is ... Fifteen percent of the country’s congressional districts lack one of the two major parties on this fall’s ballot." Stephen Wolf calls for proportional representation in the US.

Lola Okolosie is right to say that There would be less pressure on GCSEs if adult education hadn’t been slashed.

David Boyle is frustrated by the new world of identity politics.

"Coming through, aside from getting professional help, one of the big healing factors was nature. In my case, this was and continues to be the spread of Shropshire upland and valleys in a ten mile radius from my house." Andrew Fusek Peters on his recovery from severe clinical depression.

Becky Barnes tells the story of the British Rail logo.


Squirrel Nutkin said...

You had me all excited about the prospect of discovering about "propositional" representation ...

Jonathan Calder said...

And now I've gone and changed it. I suppose it must have been something like propositional calculus.