Friday, August 26, 2016

Six of the Best 621

"Admittedly, she will be able to rely on unlimited assistance from Labour, but will that be enough?" Bruce Anderson weighs Theresa May's prospects of creating an era of Tory hegemony.

Stephen Crossley and Michael Lambert outline the historical precedents for the government's Troubled Families Programme and argue that, by not learning from past mistakes, it is doomed to repeat them.

Eighty years ago, in Berlin, Stella Walsh won her second Olympic medal. Decades later, her murder and subsequent autopsy threw the legacy of track’s first female superstar into turmoil. Read a fascinating long article by Rob Tannenbaum.

The shadowy figure of David Litvinoff is part of the mythology of Swinging London. Colin MacCabe reviews a new biography of him.

James Alexander Cameron lists his Top 10 "bits of guff you will see spouted by church guidebooks that you should be very cautious in believing".

Tetramesh takes us on a tour of disused passages, complete with 1960s posters, at Euston tube station.

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