Sunday, August 21, 2016

To the guillotine, citizens! Corbyn's revolution is following the logic of all revolutions

The Labour Party has experienced a revolution - and we all know what happens after revolutions.

The philosopher and former Labour and SDP MP Bryan Magee spelt it out in his Confessions of a Philosopher:
There is a situational logic to revolutions. Disparate groups unite to overthrow an existing regime, but once they have succeeded in doing so the cause that brought them together has gone, and they then fight one another to fill the power vacuum that they themselves have created. These internecine struggles, usually savage, among erstwhile allies perpetuate the revolutionary breakdown of society far beyond the overthrow of the old regime, and delay the establishment of a new order. 
The population at large begins to feel threatened by unending social chaos, and in these circumstances a strong man who can bring the warring factions to heel and impose order comes forward and meets with widespread support, or at least acquiescence. Thus a revolution carried out in the name of civil liberties, or equality, or to bring a tyranny to and end, will itself end by putting into power a Cromwell, a Napoleon or a Stalin. 
All revolutions are uncontrollable, and all revolutions are betrayed. It is in their nature that these things should be so.
I suspect that this will be true of Labour's revolution too.

The population at large is already turning to the Theresa May as their strong woman. Maybe the Labour membership will eventually so the same. Step forward Dan Jarvis?

I would add that the failure of the revolution is always blamed on sabotage and the new regime takes brutal action against the supposed culprits. Once they have been eliminated, the people are told, all the promises of a better world that accompanied the revolution will be fulfilled.

This evening a Corbyn rally booed the name of Sadiq Khan, whose victory in London was Labour's greatest triumph in more than a decade.

I suppose the idea is that once saboteurs like him and Owen Smith and the Blairites have been liquidated, the Labour Party will be free to turn its fire on the Tories and win an election. Then we shall we publicly owned railways, a free national education service and world peace by negotiation.

But for the time being, comrades, boo the traitor Khan.


Unknown said...

I enjoyed this piece, apt and amusing.

Upozi said...

Ha! what about the American revolution then? Or the Glorious revolution? Or all the rest of them what dont end up in tyrany? Shouldnt we, instead of saying, well that the way it is then, actually say.... well, what is it that makes these successful revolutions successful?..., and when weve found out what it is ... implement it .... ? Just saying .....

Stephen Barker said...

The Glorious Revolution was haedly a revolution, more a case of the protestant elite removing a Catholic king who threaten their status and political power for a protestant king who safeguarded their interests.