Saturday, February 25, 2017

British Telecom removes Harborough phone box without notice

When I met Lib Dem councillor Barbara Johnson at our coffee morning today we discussed the Harborough Mail's story of the week:
BT seems to have made an unpopular call on Market Harborough’s High Street - by removing the red phone box. 
The phone box disappeared on the back of a contractor’s truck last Thursday, after being dislodged from its familiar place outside property consultants Fisher German. 
No one was told in advance that it was going, and now almost everyone is missing it. 
Local councillor Barbara Johnson is furious, saying: “It’s been part of the street scene in a conservation area for years. “ 
And Harborough In Bloom were keen to adopt it, and keep it in order. Someone’s made a mistake here.” 
Market Harborough In Bloom’s Margaret Richards confirmed: “Yes, we were keen to adopt it. 
“We would have kept it tidy and used it to store contact details for local organisations, for the public.”
British Telecom say that no one has made a call from it for a year, but it did look fine at the top of the High Street.

My photograph above shows it in happier days.

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Unknown said...

A little too late now but BT run a scheme to enable local communities to adopt a phone box for £1