Thursday, February 02, 2017

Six of the Best 663

"My experience as a new member has been instructive to me – and extremely refreshing – to get such a warm welcome, whether that be at a local level, through various online fora etc., or from the national Party." Martin Walker has left the Labour Party and joined the Liberal Democrats.

Jennie Rigg reports back from the Lib Dems' Federal Conference Committee.

The Wildlife Trusts are concerned about a loss of contact with wildlife during childhood. So they have launched a new initiative to make ‘Every Child Wild.

Lenore Skenazy identifies the four films that gave America its 'stranger danger' panic: "A mom at a PTA meeting once solemnly informed me that there are more girls sex trafficked in America today than there were slaves before the Civil War."

The Waterfront Podcast explores the River Don in South Yorkshire. Expect figs and salmon.

Before drink and American television dulled his talent, David Hemmings was a promising film director. Kultguy's Keep reviews his second feature The 14. Expect June Brown and Jack Wild.

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