Sunday, February 12, 2017

Six of the Best 666

I would make more of Six of the Best reaching this landmark if something had not gone very wrong with the numbering a few hundred posts ago.

Garry Kasparov, who knows a thing or two about opposing authoritarian leaders, says the key to opposing Trump is "making him look like a loser".

"The recent political earthquakes have found us intellectually and emotionally underprepared, even helpless. None of our usual categories ... and perspectives ... seem able to explain how a compulsive liar and serial groper became the world’s most powerful man." Pankaj Mishra recommends reading Václav Havel as a way of understanding our current difficulties and the way out of them,

Greg Satell and Srdja Popovic explain how some protests turn into successful social movements.

"Watching Brass Eye back today, you are reminded of what a talent Morris is – and how much we could do with him back on our screens today." Dave Fawbert marks the programme's 20th birthday.

Bobby Seal explores the East End townscapes of Arthur Morrison's 1896 novel A Child of the Jago.

"This is a landscape of religious significance, we can see why the Augustinian priory was established here, building on a tradition of religion which is  associated with past significance of St David himself." William Tregaskes takes us to Vale of Ewyas and Llanthony Priory.

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