Sunday, February 26, 2017

Conservative MP: Don't see your doctor, use homeopathy at home

"First, though, the Sunday Politics where you are."
The heart does not soar when Andrew Neil speaks those words - at least not here in the East Midlands.

Today, for instance, we were treated to the thoughts of David Tredinnick, Conservative MP for Bosworth, on health.

If you watch the programme on the BBC iPlayer you will find that twice - at 53:13 and 1:00:05 - he suggested that if only people would use homeopathic medicine at home they would need to see their GP less often.

He also came out - at 1:02:08 - as a supporter of the fluoridation of drinking water.

But then as a supporter of homeopathy he must believe that only minuscule amounts of fluoride would be needed to prevent tooth decay.

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